Bewertung Air France

Air France Bewertung | Arrogant und inkompetent

Air France Flug von Paris nach Johannesburg

1. Seats The legroom in economy was that of a inner European flight, inadequate by far for long hauls. I am not a giant (1,84 m tall) but I have never felt so extremely uncomfortable on an intercontinental flight.
2. Food and drink The trolley with food (nothing on offer for vegetarians !) and drinks (Champagne at ambiance temperature in a plastic cup) passed only once and was only seen again at breakfast time. And this was on a 10 hour flight. It is common knowledge, that due to the characteristics of the dry cabin air, ample consumption of water is a must. It did not transpire to me, that this concept was supported by the staff. There was no announcement, that water was available. In fact, water and soft drinks were only accessible in one of the crews working areas on self service basis, which I found out eventually by coincidence.
3. Crew/service The way the crew serviced the passengers can best be described as minimal art. Smiling was not part of their behaviour repertoire. The staff obviously boasted of a strong team spirit, as they stood together for many hours, discussing issues of undoubtedly great importance. The endless staff chatter made sleeping difficult . It might be a good idea, to inform them in one of their next trainings, that passengers are not a nuisance but their raison d'etre.
4. Flight deck On every flight you normally get a loudspeaker welcome by the captain. This is at least what I have experienced over a long number of years, and I thought this is a generally accepted level of hospitality in aviation. Not so obviously at Air France. Neither the captain nor the first officer felt the necessity to welcome the passengers.
5. Conclusion For an airline with a premium ambition, the performance which I described above can only be classified lousy. In short arrogant and unprofessional ! Or the other way round - can you give me a good reason for ever flying AF again ?

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  • 5. August 2013
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