Bewertung Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Bewertung | Discrimination at Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Flug von Hamburg nach Douala

Herewith, I unfortunately have to complain about Turkish Airline about the immense delay and the following partly cancellation of my flight as well as about the handling and "customer care" by Turkish Airline on Istanbul Atatürk Airport and in the Call Centers of Germany and Turkey.

The following event has happened:
I was supposed to fly from Germany to Istanbul with Turkish Airline. This flight had an immense delay prior departure and arrived in the end even later, not only due to the real flight time, but according to the information of the captain "because we were standing with the plane on the apron at Istanbul Atatürk Airport as there was no free ramp/ parking space for us!".

Thus, I missed my connecting flight. Now, it was about rebooking my flight. At the transit counter in front of me (I am of African origin) was a group of three Europeans that got rebooked and received 600€ (cash) compensation each right away. The next one in line was a German that got rebooked onto the best option flight (considering departure and duration of flight), received 600€ compensation and a hotel room for the night. Then, it was my turn: The employees of Turkish Airlines transfered me to the WORST possible option, as two other - earlier and shorter - flights had available seats (confirmed by AMADEUS booking system).

So, I am wondering why Turkish Airline did not WANT to offer me a seat on these better option flights??? Furthermore, now that I got rebooked, I had to wait more than 15 (!!!) hours over night on Istanbul Atatürk Airport, but I was NOT offered a hotel! I specifically asked for a hotel room at the person responsible for rebooking me and he said that the airport hotel is fully booked and there is nothing he can do - and is willing to do. I was only given 1 (!) voucher for 1 (!) drink (0.2ml) - meanwhile a human body is supposed to drink about 2 liters in 12 hours - and 1 (!) voucher for 1 (!) turkish pizza - what about breakfast in the morning? Also, I was denied making a phone call, email or sending a fax via Turkish Airlines and it is a service clearly stated in their rules and regulations for a flight cancellation/delay, etc.

The responsible person in the end just said he will not talk to me anymore and literally ran away! Hence, I personally missed now the wedding of my sister, because I arrived more than 24 hours later at my destination. Thus, I informed my wife in Germany via pay phone that we had to make a complaint about this situation. She was on the phone for more than 4 hours - meanwhile it was night by now - trying to get hold of someone responsible. In the call center Germany they said, they cannot do anything about that and gave her the number of Customer Services in Turkey.

At customer services, they told her that they are operating 24hrs and that she will be called back in 30 minutes. There was no call or email even on the next day or in the next week or ever!!!! As my wife called the customer service for the 3rd time at 3am in the morning that night, they told her, there is nothing they can do, no phone number she can call and she will just have to wait the WHOLE NIGHT until they call back and HANG UP ON HER. Until date, I have not received any statement from Turkish Airlines to my various complaints and will now get a lawyer and trying to inform the press.

Turkish Airlines - NEVER AGAIN!!!

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  • 20. Dezember 2012
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bisher 4 Kommentare

    • Henshman


    Wirklich toll, dass Sie in der Lage sind, sich in der englischen Sprache zu äußern ... aber angesichts der sicherlich mehrheitlich deutschsprachigen Leser dieser deutschen Seite, die gewiss nicht alle Englisch verstehen, eher unzweckmäßig!

    • Martina


    Könnte es evtl. sein, dass der Verfasser der Bewertung nur Englisch kann?
    Warum sollte er seinen Flug nicht auf Englisch bewerten?
    Ich vermute, dass der Großteil der Leser die Bewertung versteht.

    • Jens

    Natürlich auch Englisch

    Es ist legitim, sich in Englisch zu äussern.
    Genug Deutsche sprechen und verstehen diese Sprache. Sie etwa nicht? Und das in der heutigen globalen Welt?
    Wer in der Airlinewelt unterwegs ist, sollte einen Grundwortschatz schon haben.
    Ich finde es gut, dass sich Noemie diese Mühe gab und sehr plausibel und ausführlich argumentierte.

    • Murat Akancan


    Dear Noemi,
    being a Turkish citizen I was shocked to have read your unlucky event with the Turkish Airlines.
    And I want to apologize to you in their names.
    Yes it is true that this airline has immense problems with their personal so they take what they can get, it's a matter of luck if you want to meet a fair and friendly personal at the airport and/or on the plane as well. (This is by no means an excuse in order what has happened to you, of course).
    But as we all can see, a very heavy injustice has met you, and if you can afford it, you should seek your right at all costs legally, so that these idiots get their necessary lesson.
    Sorry again, and heads up, my friend!

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