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US Airways Bewertung | US AIRWAYS: NEVER AGAIN worst flight in my life

US Airways Flug von Philadelphia nach Amsterdam

we travelled back from holidays in USA with my husband and 2 yr old son. they had forced us in seat 4A and 4B again, although we had tried everything to get other seats. We had had these seats on prior flights AMS-PHL and PHL-MIA and MIA-PHL: horrible.

Attempts to get other seats were smashed away by everybody from US Airways. Even my question if there is a toilet behind row 4A-C was denied, even though there is one! (we knew, because we had the same seats from AMS-PHL already) You must know: 4A and 4B means: no leg space, because of a wall in front of you and no decline for seats because of toilet right behind the seats!

So: that was a LIE!

when we entered the plane, we asked a flight attendant, if we could get other seats: he would ask, he promised. He never came back to us. so we were stuck in the worst airline seats I have ever seen.

As a climax, right in front of us, a movie was showed: the green hornet: explosions, gun fire, killings and fightings: really bad for a 2 year old. we had to cover the screen, so my son could not see this horrible movie.

the best was the food for our son: he got a kids meal: should have been heatened up in micro wave: it was all cold. with the milk powder not even water (neither cold, not warm) was provided. attempts to get the food for our child heated up, were ignored. I had to walk thru the whole plane to ask, no one cared. so in the end, our son had nothing to eat for 8.5 hours duration!


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