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Air Transat Flug von Düsseldorf nach La Romana

A newly refurnished AirTransat - Airbus flying for Condor Airlines has prone us to 10 hours physical torment on April 6th DE3842 DUS-LRM. Not only that the width of the Economy chairs is well below an acceptable measure (despite my quite normal 95kg body I got tightly stuck between the armrests, not to talk about my heavier neighbour on the middle seat) and the legroom did not allow the pouch on the front seat to accommodate the appreciated gratuity 500ml water bottle without touching my knees. My shoulder width is a quite normal 53 cm, the torture seats have stupid 43,2 cm! The result is not only much inconvenience but also a steady touching of the aisle passengers arms by trolleys and people walking by.

The announcement on the Air Transat webpage praising the new refurnishes as "All-new Economy Class - Ergonomic - Italian-leather seats - More living space - ..." is ridiculous, cheeky and misleading and calls for a formal reply. This cabin layout is, at least for long-haul planes, absolutely non-professional and results in a condition which is legally close to deprivation of liberty for a substantial part of your passengers. When transporting animals under such conditions one surely will be sued as animal torturer. The goal of enhancing the quality for passengers was missed grandiosely. Designing a 2-4-2 seating geometry with 2" wider seats instead of the awesome 3-3-3 configuration would result in a ~10% increased fare at the same earnings for Air Transat.

I suspect that this surcharge would be much appreciated by the most of the passengers who know about the present distress malaise on this Airbus. By the way, the 4 reading lights in the middle section of the cabin much support my arguments and other air-planes used by Condor show exactly this favourable configuration. This leads to the second disaster of the strategic planning the present cabin layout: There are only 12 seats in the "Premium Class". I suspect that a large proportion of the Air Transat passengers would happily book them after being informed about the distress one experiences in the Economy section.

Therefore, it is again suggested either to equip the planes with 2-4-2 seats per row or to much increase the "Premium Class" section. A fair punishment for all responsible persons as for their crap work would be to sentence them for this disaster layout to a monthly long-haul flight on their elaborated seats. By the way, the Canadian as well as the German attendants were very friendly and the food was of good taste and quality though space-restricted eating needed skilfulness.

Air Transat has not honoured a request for a respective statement on a mail with the above content for one month.

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  • Durchschnitt
  • 3.38 Sterne
  • geflogen
  • 6. April 2018
  • Flug Nr.
  • DE3842
  • Strecke
  • Flug Düsseldorf nach La Romana
  • Klasse
  • Economy
  • Reiseart
  • Privat/Urlaub

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