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  • 11.04.2013
  • Alisa(25) Jena
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Condor Flug von Frankfurt nach Cancun

Hello to everyone! Good to know from the condor facebook account, that in winter season Condor will finally get a modern plane, a plane that other companies have since AGES for the long distance flights! I have been travelling a lot and all the time planes for long distance flight were equiped with an individual enterntaintemt screen, so I haven't even thought that nowadays any air company of the world still has such awfull and old planes to fly long distance flights.

So when me and my husband we boarding on 02.04.2013 the plane in Frankfurt to fly to Cancun(Mexico) we couldn't belive our eyes - we realized that next 11,5 hours would be the worst time since ever as there were no personal enterntainment screens. Moreover, the general screens that are located over the middle raw were out of order! In addition the food on the flight was just horrible: there was no choice for a hot dish - they just gave kind of pasta with no meat, and the "salad" was a strange mix of mayonese and very few pieces of carrot, the next time we got food in 7 hours!

Please tell me who of you make such a long break between food?! Before this experience I had just wonderful memories of long fllight as we had great food and a lot of enterntainment, but since this one I know that there are still companies that save so much and offer such low quality service for a ticket that cost 1450 USD. By the way, There wasnt even a possibility to buy any device to replace the missing enterntainment it was a totally hopeless flight! By the way, the number of the flight is DE 2156. I hope that a lot of people will avoid our mistake and will choose other air company to fly long distance flights as such service is totally unacceptable. I hope we will survive the way back which is going to be on 14.02.13....

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  • 2. April 2013
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