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South African Airways Flug von Kapstadt nach Frankfurt

Dear South African Airlines, it is been now a very long time that I had a flight with SAA to and from Capetown, but the bad feeling about my last flight is still awake. I write you not only to share my flight experience with you, I also hope that you will approve, because I travel every year to South Africa and you Airline is one of the main Airlines on this track. Here my experience report: Booking Details: - Passenger: GUIDO PARK - Booking Reference: 5USN7Y - Flight: SA260 - ECONOMY CLASS - BOARDING TIME 18:35 - From: JOHANNESBURG O.R. TAMBO INT - 27/04/2017 - 19:20 - To: FRANKFURT INTL - 28/04/2017 - 06:10

To be honest: this was my worst international flight ever and I traveled already with shitty airlines as Delta, United, Nok Air, etc. First of all the airplane was very dirty. I found dirt in all chinks of the seat and an empty water bottle in the net in front of me. The flight from CPT to JNB was already 40 min late. Ok that is not unsual and in a way acceptable. But the flight from JNB to FRA was 2 hours to late. When we entered the Airplane the heat was at over 30 degress, because the aircon in the Eco Class was not working. The aircon in the Premium Class worked. So we had a almost 12 hours flight with over 30 degress cabin temperature and instead of fixing the problem the crew offered Duty Free products!

This behavior and decision to do so is not acceptable at all. Instead of serving fresh cold water the crew served coffee and warm water, the whole crew and the two Perser in the Eco Class were totally overwhelmed with the situation. As I mentioned the aircon in the Premium Calls worked, instead of letting the curtain from Premium Calls to Eco Class open, so that cool air also comes to the Eco Class the crew closed it. This is not logic at all and unreasonable! Because the heat was so high, the passangers drunk so much water, that the toilet in the Eco Class was permanently occupied. So, I tried to get on the Premium Class toilets, because the whole situation on this flight was extraodinary worse.

But one flight attendant told me that this toilte is only for Premium Class passangers. This behavior in this worse situation was totally wrong! After a long time the crew handed out damp cleaning rags! I guess they were for cooling, but the rags were stinky and dirty! Then the LFO spoke into the mic, after hours, to tell us that the aircon is defect and they cannot fix it. This information was much to late and not really helpful. Furthermore the earplug at most seats were totally defect and could not be used, the entertainment system did also not work well or totally not. I told several time the crew, but they did not really react. This is a short description of what the almost 14-15 hours stay with SAA was up to me.

SAA always says with proud that they are the number one airline in Africa and member oft he StarAlliance. Sorry, but with this experience I have to say that you are one of the worst airlines compared to ours in Europe. I will send this letter also to organizations as StarAlliance, Trust Pilot, IATA, International Aero Board of Control, German Flight Supervisory Authority, etc. I hope that this will help you to improve, otherwise I guess you airline will get in trouble.

Regards, Guido Park

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  • 27. April 2017
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