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South African Airways Bewertung | Dual standards

South African Airways Flug von Washington nach Durban

Dear Sirs,

We had the pleasure of travelling with your flights 572 from Jo’burg to London (8/12/11) and 585 from Jo’burg to Durban (2/1/12). The crews’ efficiency again matched their friendliness + superb caring, a trademark of SAA.

Unfortunately we also were aboard your flight 7918 from Washington to Jo’burg via Dakar (1/1/12).

I requested a wheelchair for the journey from Durban via Jo’burg, London and Newark to Nashville as well as on the return flight from Nashville via Washington, Dakar and Jo’burg to Durban.

On the flight from Washington to Dakar I was not helped to my chair. The meal did not agree with me. On request a crew member brought me 2 spew-bags but no paper towels to wipe my face. She refused to discard the used bags and did not check on my well being. Fortunately I was assisted by my husband and a fellow passenger.

After take-off from Dakar the new crew was even more unfriendly + unaccommodating. They were so inefficient that the hostess was not even able to tell us what flavour juice she was offering. I opened the window shutter to enable us to read the contents and was strongly reprimanded for doing so. When serving lunch the crew members shouted at one another. One requesting more chicken portions the other yelling that there were none. After finding some more servings the shouting continued. The steward exchanged the meals of the passengers in front of us passing on the food trays to the people on the other side of the isle. He only offered rolls after being prompted several times.

On disembarkation again no assistance what so ever was offered. On the contrary, the crew hurried past me on the other isle. Fortunately we then boarded flight 585 to Durban and received normal SAA treatment. The service was most efficient and the friendliness + helpfulness laudable.

Thanking you for taking cognisance of our experiences on your different flights.

L. K.

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